3 Beautiful Old Towns In Europe Guest Post

One of many highlights of a visit to Europe is to learn more about the fascinating history that you’ll see in cities throughout the continent. Luckily for travelers, there are lovely old towns in Europe.

3 Beautiful Old Towns In Europe Guest Post

Tallinn – Estonia

Almost every capital town has an”old town” in which you can respect buildings dating back a few hundred years and eat in restaurants that have been serving food in exactly the same area for centuries.

Stockholm – Sweden

The old towns should not be missed on a visit to Europe — here are three of our favourite Old Towns to get you started…

Prague — Czech Republic

Tallinn does an excellent job in bringing back its visitors . From the Toompea mountain for a great view overlooking the buildings that are surrounded with the medieval fortification wall and its own rooftop-towers that are red and the spires.

Walking back into the Town to the lanes you pass conventional restaurants where the waiters dress in outfits that are gothic , gothic markets and street stalls.

That is what it is like here daily, although the medieval atmosphere is everywhere near you, it feels like you’re at some festival.

So let’s be brought back into the medieval century in a town with ivory covered-towers, hidden courtyards and temples — and if you’re ready to get back to reality — there is free Wi-Fi anyplace

Founded in 1252, Gamla Stan in Stockholm is one of the largest and best preserved medieval town centres.

Located on a little island in the heart of the town, it is almost irresistible with its own structures in many different colors of stone, and on snowy winter days the town reminds you.

The town is similar to a labyrinth that is little, with unique boutiques, cobbled streets and of course lots and a lot .

3 Beautiful Old Towns In Europe Guest Post

The Swedish cafe culture is a very important part of peoples’ daily lives here, so joining the locals in one of those small cafes and enjoy a typical Swedish cure (like kanelbulle), is just to be able.

The Old town is where Royal Palace cathedral and the parliament are situated, the Royal palace is enormous, but the chief attraction is to watch the changing of the guards.

The narrow cobble stoned streets of this old town in Prague are filled with surprises — few towns have as striking Gothic architecture because this town with its old town square, and astronomical clock and the impressive Charles Bridge — and the none could match the romantic roughness of Prague.

There’s a whole lot of interesting legends and history about the historic areas in the town, so taking a tour here is well worth it to hear about the funny information about the buildings surrounding you and of the individuals who used to roam those streets.

3 Beautiful Old Towns In Europe Guest Post

Don’t plan where you’ll eat, have dropped in the back streets and you will stumble upon a stone earlier than you are aware of it.

3 Beautiful Old Towns In Europe Guest Post

There are lots more lovely old towns in Europe, some others that we recommend are; Budva (Montenegro), Edinburgh (Scotland), Bergamo (Italy) and Dubrovnik (Croatia).

Posted by Nathan and Sofia from As We Travel.

3 Beautiful Old Towns In Europe Guest Post

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