VIDEO: TREAD The World First Wearable Multi-Tool

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VIDEO: TREAD The World First Wearable Multi-Tool

Hi I’m David Hoffmann, out of and now I’d like to introduce you into this world’s first wearable multi-tool… TREAD from Leatherman. If you’re a enthusiastic traveler like me, or you prefer to be ready for the unexpected, this can be the item for you!

TREAD is a easy addition you may make to your everyday life that will make things a whole lot easier than carrying. It is wonderful for opening bottlesand quick fixes at home eliminating the sim card.

The TREAD is TSA accepted. So I want something that I can take through security and on the airplane I’m always traveling. There is also a glass breaker, even a vital safety tool  for anyone performing a road trip (particularly in Florida where I’m from there is water everywhere).

It is always with you once you need it, no matter where you’re Because you wear it. At first glance it does not resemble a multi-tool, only a metal bracelet. It is made from corrosive-resistant steel.

It comes in stainless steel and black. The links are removable to fit almost any wrist. I customized my TREAD to possess the connections I use the most while I’m on a shoot at various places. I use it all of the time for my camera gear. It is also the perfect present for the traveler who would like to camp, climb, sail, bike, or ski.

Let me know what you consider the item! Leave me your comment or question below!

VIDEO: TREAD The World First Wearable Multi-Tool