Celebrity Travel Addicts: Samuel Jeffrey along with Audrey Bergner of Audrey & Samuel

Inside this variant of Celebrity Travel Addicts , we speak with travel blogger Audrey Bergner, the founder of one-half and That Backpacker of those travel vlogging duo! We speak with her about Sam’s passions for travel and her started her blog has evolved over the significance of immersive travel the years, and more. Check out her travel advice where she and Sam are headed and discover out!

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Samuel Jeffrey along with Audrey Bergner of Audrey & Samuel

How did your passion for travel begin?

For Sam, it began while he was in college. As one of his part-time tasks, he decided to begin tutoring English and many of his speech students were out of Korea. Sam became buddies with his students, and they, then, got him interested in the chance of teaching ESL abroad. Before Sam graduated from college, he decided to go to Korea and find out how he liked it, the summer. He spent exploring Seoul and understood he had to return. He had a job lined up before commencement rolled around. That began a cycle of teach travel, repeat!

How many days/weeks are you currently travel in any given calendar year? What are the kinds?

For me personally, the travel obsession began even earlier. I grew up in a household with relatives scattered over various continents. I was fascinated by the languages that they spoke and the stories of everyday life in their lands that were favorite. I think that it helped that my parents consistently took us children and enjoyed travel! By the time that I was in college, the majority of my savings have been travelling to a budget, moving straight into travel; just one or two trips per year, interacting with friends, and exploring new places. It was not long after graduation which I also accepted a teaching job in Korea, which is really where Sam and I met with, and the rest will be now history!

You began your site while you were at college. What makes That Backpacker stick out ? How has it evolved and developed since then?

When we first began travelling, we used to spend on the road, only returning home for Christmas vacations and summer. This was great from a travel standpoint, but it was not very conducive to getting work done. These days we want to spend about half of the year travelling and another half of the year in the home.

The two of you moved to Seoul, South Korea to teach English.

How did this experience shape travels and your lives moving?

In terms of the types of places we want to go to, we found ourselves drawn to more quiet and lesser-known destinations. If we’re in our 20s, we really liked the energy of mega-cities, but we prefer destinations that are close to nature and have access to outdoor pursuits, these days. We recently spent 3 weeks and we specifically chose towns that do see a whole great deal of tourism — it was fantastic going monitor and being surprised by places that we knew nothing about.

On your YouTube station, you immerse yourselves in the culture of the places you see sharing money-saving tips and then while diving to the cuisine. What makes immersive travel so unique and so important ?

I sure did! I had been obsessed with travel while I was in college and I’d use every Christmas Break, Reading Week and Summer Break to travel anywhere I could. I soon found there was this travel community on the market, and it turned into a means to connect with people who love travel as much as I really do, although I began my blog for a means to files and look back on these trips.

What do you want audiences learn and to get from your job?

The structure of the site has changed through recent years. As more people began discovering my blog, I started getting e-mails and opinions from subscribers asking tips and tips on the destinations I had been to, which took my own website into a new direction. When I am writing a post, the destination is still shared by me according to my personal experience, but I try to sprinkle in travel tips and advice that will help another person going to the place.

What are the top 3 destinations you’ve visited?

That’s true! We met while we were both teaching ESL in the province of Gyeonggi-do. The adventure of living was like a taste of travel — new culture, new foods, new vocabulary, and possibilities . The work also enabled us to save money so that if we completed our contracts, we could go travelling around the Middle East Southeast Asia and then Europe. We have not looked back since and have a taste of the travel life.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Samuel Jeffrey along with Audrey Bergner of Audrey & Samuel

Give us your’Top 5′ record for one of your best 3 destinations. Like a mini-guide or even some to-do list of types. It can be anything in your favourite resort, the ideal place to have lunch, the ideal holiday season, etc..

There’s a quote from James A. Michener that says,”If you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the religion, and avoid the people, you might better stay home” and we whole-heartedly agree! Travel is all about immersing ourselves from the destination, connecting with of course which opens the door to conversation, and natives. We’re foodies through and through so you’ll always find us seeking new dishes, sampling the road foods, and scouting the regional markets. Eating is the pleasure of being in a brand new place!

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Samuel Jeffrey along with Audrey Bergner of Audrey & Samuel

How many countries have you visited up to now?

We wish to help individuals experience to! One of the characteristics of the job, be it posts or even our videos, is that we try to share of the info have these same experiences and you’d need to really visit. We are going to tell you how to get there, how much it costs, what the place is like, whether we appreciated it, and people can decide whether it’s somewhere they’d love to add to their itinerary.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Samuel Jeffrey along with Audrey Bergner of Audrey & Samuel

What are your top 3 favourite perfumes?

We have way more than 3, but I’ll discuss 3 states whose arenas pulled us apart: Kyrgyzstan Jordan and South Africa.

What is your favourite restaurant in the world? What dish do you recommend there?

Okay, I’ll go with Jordan:

What is your travel film?

We’ve got a number of suggestions, so you can have a look at our full Jordan travel itinerary if this sounds like somewhere you’d love to go to.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Samuel Jeffrey along with Audrey Bergner of Audrey & Samuel

What is your favorite global airport?


We’re country repeaters; so our country count is extremely slow-growing when we love a place, we will return again and again and again.

Which city had the friendliest people?

Korean, Peruvian and Vietnamese.

Who’s your travel companion?

It’s Bodegón Norte in Buenos Aires, When there’s 1 restaurant we keep coming back to again and again. There’s nothing fancy about the place; it’s really an old-fashioned, family-run restaurant that specializes in Argentine classics, but the food is hearty, the portions are large, and the staff treat you like family. It’s like you’ve gone over to your grandparents’ place on a Sunday afternoon and everyone is assembled for a large feast. That’s the sense of the place and it . We love chatting with the owner, Rogelio, anytime we are in town — if you move, tell him that the Canadians sent you! ????

What is the ideal method to kill time?

Lost in Translation.

I am pretty sure that’s what sparked our interest in seeing Japan.

What is the most exotic place your career has taken you?

Incheon International Airport in South Korea.

It’s such a modern and efficient airport, and there’s so much to do in case you’ve got a very long layover. They have lots of cultural experiences where you can try to do on the traditional Korean dress (hanbok), learn how to create different crafts, watch the diversion of a Joseon dynasty royal parade, and they hold awards that vary from classical music to K-pop.

What is your piece?

Can I answer with a country?! I’m going to say Argentina. We have spent months travelling there and we are always shocked at how easy it’s to meet people and make friends. Argentineans love to talk and whenever we’re there, we all find ourselves striking up conversations with strangers. Seriously, in the event you end up travelling through Argentina, accept people’s invitations and you may end up making a buddy.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Samuel Jeffrey along with Audrey Bergner of Audrey & Samuel

What are 4 things that you can never travel without?

Every other! As cheesy as it seems, we have been doing this travel thing we have learned to work together and since we met back in 2012.

What is your dream destination?

If we have a very long travel day, editing photos, or be it video viewing, writing posts and get employment, we wish to try. If that’s not an option, we will listen to audio (Sam) or a audiobook (Audrey).

What is your travel quote?

Probably Kyrgyzstan!

Where are you headed next?

We first travelled there to attend a sporting the World Nomad Games and cultural event that showcases the rich tradition of culture.


We have a taste of the nomadic life with some living and horse hiking from Song Kol, and we came back a couple of years later perform a little hiking, eat our way and to explore the south shore of Issyk Kul.

Concentrate on the answer, not just the problem. Traveling tends to throw lots of surprises that your way and it instructs you to become a quick-thinker and problem solver.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Samuel Jeffrey along with Audrey Bergner of Audrey & Samuel

Camera, laptop, headphones…and sunscreen! Everything we will need to edit and film…and keep Sam from getting a sunburn.

We both agree on a cruise to Antarctica. It’s the final continent we to see!

“Travel is glamorous only in retrospect.” -Paul Theroux

Our journeys have involved using our train derail in a tube in the center of the Thai jungle, riding buses without a AC during the Cambodian countryside, while travelling at Poland also breaking our camera equipment. Traveling is not always easy, nor does it proceed according to plan, but it makes that you can laugh about, and somehow in retrospect, although the terrible experiences don’t seem that bad.

More travels in Canada!

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Samuel Jeffrey along with Audrey Bergner of Audrey & Samuel

We been prioritizing this summer researching our home country. Following up, we are flying out west and doing a road trip across Vancouver Island after spending in the Maritimes. That’s where Sam grew up and I’ve never been before, so it will be really wonderful to learn more about the island together.

We Are Audrey and Samuel!

We’re originally from Canada but have been travelling the world ever since assembly back in 2012. We love to record our journeys and that means we can be found by that you on Youtube in the Spanish and English. On Instagram, you can trace along for several updates that are conflicting.


Celebrity Travel Addicts: Samuel Jeffrey along with Audrey Bergner of Audrey & Samuel