36 Photos of Italy on Instagram

Anybody who knows me understands I am of my heritage. Naturally, last 13, once I visited Todi, Gubbio, and Florence I took Instagram photographs of my trip. While Todi and Gubbio are in from the Umbria area florence is in Tuscany.

I still managed to capture Even though the October weather did not cooperate totally. When I was younger is the reason it remains among my favourite areas in the world. I’ve been back several times, but on this trip I took my wife for the very first time.

Here are some of highlights of our Italian journey!

Florence with Il Duomo (Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore) from the background

Ponte Vecchio, Florence

Meandering the streets of the old town in Florence

Can’t control the Impulse for gnocchi Within our first day in Florence

 Fontana del Porcellino in the Mercato Nuovo

“Visitors to Il Porcellino put a coin into the boar’s gaping jaws, with the intent to Allow It to fall through the underlying grating for good luck, and they rub on the boar’s snout to ensure a return to Florence”


Facade of Il Duomo in all its gothic glory

Ponte Vecchio at dusk — Certainly among the most famous vistas in Italy

Sushi in Italy?!

36 Photos of Italy on Instagram

This really can be one of Florence’s best restaurants, Fusion

Florence by night Is a Good break from tourist crowds that are Day

36 Photos of Italy on Instagram

View from the roof of our hotel apartment in Florence

Closer look from the bank of the Arno River at the Ponte Vecchio

36 Photos of Italy on Instagram

 Charming street in Florence

36 Photos of Italy on Instagram

Had to make the time to do some shopping at the fashion outlets beyond Florence. The Gucci store is quite impressive in size!

36 Photos of Italy on Instagram

A warm welcome of fiore di zucca (zucchini Blossoms Filled with cheese and fried) at my aunt’s Home in Gubbio

 Weekend flea market in Gubbio

Structures from Gubbio as a backdrop to the flea market

Piazza della Signoria, or Even piazza Grande, is the Key square of Gubbio

Interesting architecture

More homemade Italian food courtesy of my aunt

Enrolling in the Gubbio funicular to get panoramic views of the City

The Gubbio funicular – a must-do when in Umbria!

36 Photos of Italy on Instagram

From above you can really Watch the Medieval quarter of Gubbio

Along with my aunt cooks again, this time it’s thinly sliced roasted pork topped spices, fresh herbs and oil

 A jug of my uncle Aldo’s homemade wine

36 Photos of Italy on Instagram

Prosciutto ham to start another homemade meal off

Goodbye, Gubbio! Todi here we come.

36 Photos of Italy on Instagram

We’ve arrived where I have family and it Todi, yet Another amazing City in Umbria

36 Photos of Italy on Instagram

A dynamite plate of ravioli with tartufo (truffle) cream sauce topped with grated truffles

Cathedral in the Piazza del Popolo (“People’s Square”)

View from a lookout point in the old City on a morning

Il Tempio di San Fortunato, among the most churches of Todi dating back to the 13th century

Todi’s Piazza del Popolo with its bell tower that is Own Unusual is one of Italy’s oldest Complete buildings

 Truffle pizza lunch, anyone?

The quintessential Italian snack — parmesan cheese Pieces, salami, and prosciutto

36 Photos of Italy on Instagram

Have you seen any cities in Tuscany or Umbria? Tell us about it! Leave a comment below.