The Best Beaches in Rhodes Island

Rejoice, beachgoers! The beaches in Rhodes island provide a┬ádiversity of activities and ambiances. The absolute most popular and comfortable beaches are situated along the island’s coast making it effortless to hop between beach towns and explore coastlines.

The Best Beaches in Rhodes Island


While some west coast beaches provide beach furniture and umbrellas and are beautiful, these shorelines are normally skinnier, with rocks and coarser sands.


The Best Beaches in Rhodes Island


Individuals will have contend with the constant wind that hastens ups the sandy shores. We’ve contained the must-sees and also our best picks to make your trip-planning and simple as possible. Here is our listing of the best beaches in Rhodes Island!

The Best Beaches in Rhodes Island


Ixia is among the beach hotels on the island, and as such is home to numerous high-rise beach resorts. The narrow coast is lined with loads of shore furniture, offers a wealth of watersports’ chances, and is coated with soft sand. Even the wind-roused waters are popular amongst windsurfers. A Blue Flag winner, it’s easy to see Ixia is one of Rhodes’ most sought out shorelines.

The Best Beaches in Rhodes Island


When it were not for the increased intensity of the hotels and resorts of Trianda trianda and Ixia might seem like one line. The shore is cozy, to say the least. Pack on to the narrow shore to soak up sunlight. For ideal folks watching advantages and so as to make sure a shaded beach chair, secure in the afternoon. The town taverns lure in hungry patrons with their succulent scents and neighborhood eats and lights up.


Hands-down among the most popular beaches the town’s bay region, and a Blue ab winner of those island is home to a number of hotels deserts, and temperate waters ideal for windsurfing. In reality, the area hosts lots of competitions. As one of the more you can be certain that dining choices are of the international fare, and there are a lot of nightclubs to keep tourists entertained into the evening.


As it was among the island winners lardos Beach is a matter of pride for locals. Its shoreline has all of the modern amenities, while maintaining the natural charm and grandeur of the region. The shore enjoys a relaxing space from Lardos town and a line of gentle, hot sands.


Ideal for those who enjoy drifting from the path, Glystra isn’t on top of tourist agendas, meaning a shoreline that is quiet with less conveniences. Located only a short distance to the south of Rhodes, you’ll discover on its shores to disturb your own comfort that is beachy-keen.


Plimmiri Beach is home to a stretch of somewhat rough sand and one taverna. Regardless, its look sets it apart from the rest of Rhodes’ beaches. Moreover, the lonely ambiance that is almost ultra leaves for an detour that is refreshing and calm.

The Best Beaches in Rhodes Island


Lindos Beach, A Blue Flag winner is overlooked by the presiding acropolis of the town. It has become increasingly popular as an increasing number of folks stop over after exploring nearby ancient sites to take advantage of the gorgeous shore. Lindos is with all of the essential facilities and lots of watersports to keep you entertained. Families with young children must head to the end, called Palace Beach, for waters.

The Best Beaches in Rhodes Island


Agathi Beach and waters offer it a regal look. The cove of the region enjoys close proximity to one of the important, but websites of the island , the Faraklos Castle. The calm waters make it ideal for households with children.


Tsambikia shore is debatably among the most gorgeous shorelines of the island. Back-dropped by the popular Tsambika Mountain and Monastery, the discreet coastline is not overly crowded to get an afternoon of relaxation that is tranquil. Visitors must keep in mind that shore chairs and amenities are limited.

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Still another of Rhodes’ prized Blue Flag winners strip of shore is only a short drive from Rhodes’ Town. The region is a favorite amongst golfers since it houses the Afandou Golf Club.

The Best Beaches in Rhodes Island

Ladiko is snugly nestled into a bay. The chilled-out atmosphere is partly as a result of limited people, and partly to the fact that it houses one tavern amidst a sparse scattering of shore furniture and umbrellas.

Faliraki is home is an dichotomy that is charmed and unusual. Tourism has motivated the inauguration of quite a few an astonishing diversity of watersports, a myriad restaurants, and impressive high-end beach hotels. The bay region maintains its small town appeal, with fishing boats and traffic. Amongst the very touristy of Rhodes’ coastal towns, it’s not difficult to reach. Local buses make a trip into Faliraki pain-free even.

The Best Beaches in Rhodes Island

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